What is Business Email Hosting and its Benefits?

What is Business Email Hosting and its Benefits?

Digital and social media had a significant amount of growth over the past five years. Despite all that, Emails still remain one of the most important ways of business communications. Businesses send thousands of Emails to function crucial business functions. Today, there are still many organizations providing free email hosting services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo for their business. However, these email accounts provide them with such email ID that are suffixed with the extension indicating towards free email hosting service providers and does not give them the advantages of professional email ID. For this, they need to get business email hosting.

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What is Business Email Hosting?

A business email is the email specifically used for a business. A business email address contains the company name in it like employeename@companyname.com. This professional email ID not only establishes the authority of a person to act on behalf of a company but also acts as an advertisement of the company because the business name stays visible with every communication the employees make. Building a brand name is only one advantage of business email. There are many more advantages of a business email hosting account.

Benefits of Business Email Hosting

A business email hosting service not only makes your communication more professional but also increases your brand value. By using a professional mail account, your business domain name will give much more credibility to your business as your customers will trust you more.

Here are the various benefits of a professional email hosting for your business:

· Communication made more Professional: Using business emails will make your business communication more professional be it an internal communication with your employees or externally with your customers or stakeholders. On the other hand, a similar proposal sent from your business mail address looks more professional and convincing.

· Trust: As discussed above, a business email account is trusted more than a free mail account by the customers. A professional email account is always associated with a domain name which is your company’s business domain name on which your primary website is hosted. Any customer wishing to know more about your services can easily recognize your website address. This helps tremendously in gaining your customers.

· Cost Effective:  An email account costs nothing in comparison to the benefits you get from them. Many businesses consider investing in business emails as a wasteful expense. However, once they start using the mails, and see the benefits, they realize the true value for their money. We, at Net4, offer a promail account, our basic email hosting service for as low as Rs. 7 per month. Check out our various cost-effective email solutions for small business.

· Storage Space: Most service providers provide customized storage space to their customers. Depending upon the specific customer requirement, email service providers go ahead and customize the storage space.

· White-Label Email Hosting: With a white-label email hosting, you can use your own logo on the email account. This helps you to use your own brand name on the email account. White-label email solutions help you keep the identity of the service provider private and allow users to use their own brand name on the emails. Check out our Bizmail business email service which is a completely white-label email hosting solution.

· More & Better Features: Professional mail accounts give you many more features and benefits than a free email service. For example, a free email account might not allow you to customize the mail box size, while a professional mail account like our Bizmail service will allow you to customize your mail box size according to your needs. Professional mails give you specialized features for your professional usage, like mail monitoring, or mail grouping that a free account won’t give. The business email solutions for bigger enterprises- the enterprise email service even give the feature of shared contacts, calendar and task with backup and recovery of delete trash mail. What more, you can even customize business email service as per your needs when you use paid email server hosting service.


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