How Does Email Service Affect Your Business?

How Does Email Service Affect Your Business?

email serviceEmail service has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. In our businesses we rely on email as a way to communicate and record business tasks. Email services are not all the same and your choice of an email service provider can make a big difference in the way your business handles this critically important communications tool.

To make a good choice in email services it is important to understand the basic difference in email technology and related terminology. Then, we will discuss the differences between webmail and email clients, the mail email protocols, and how the cloud is part of email.

Webmail vs. Email Client

Webmail is an email program that is created to run in a browser. So, if you have ever used Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or managed your company email through a browser window, you have used webmail. There is nothing to download and no extra program is installed on your local computer. Relatively, an email client is an email program that is installed on personal computers. It runs on the operating system of the computer. Microsoft Outlook and MAC Mail are the two most popular forms of email client.


POP3 (Post Office Protocol) vs. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

Whether using webmail or an email client, both can be configured as POP3 or IMAP. The first version of POP email was created in 1984. It has a simple goal of creating a way for an email program to pull a message from the server and get it to a local computer. In contrast, IMAP was also created way back in the 80’s. It is more suited to today’s faster Internet and abundance of storage space. Moreover, in an IMAP set-up, mail stays on the server and can be viewed by different email clients.

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