Mobile Design Proficiency

Mobile Design Proficiency


With mobile traffic increasing every day, responsive websites have become obligatory in the last years. In 2018, it is time to really master mobile design. The question is no longer: Does our website work on mobile? It is: How is our content presented best on mobile?

80% of internet users are owning a smartphone and they are using it. In fact, the average time spent on android phones is steadily increasing. It has gone up to over 5 hours per day, according to TechCrunch. Mastering phone design and understanding how content can be best consumed on smaller devices will be a key challenge in 2018.

Some key challenges of phone design are, you don’t want your screen to seem cluttered and you don’t want users to find the same content on their smart phone and on your desktop version. Another issue is that you want to keep a similar functionality and navigation of content. Moreover, you might want to display ads, which are a challenge for mobile. Lastly, you want to trigger the same emotions and brand feel your desktop website triggers.

Users must love your mobile experience otherwise they will churn. A recent study by Google has shown that essentially no question is too small for users to take out their smartphone and do some research. Be it about toothbrushes, water bottles, or salt (Yes, salt!). Mobile search for “best” have gone up by over 80+ percent in the past two years, according to the Google study. One key element to achieve mobile priority is that your content must be easily navigable with one hand. Think about how you are using your smartphone. You might read articles while standing in the bus or subway and you might be texting when walking through supermarket aisles. You might be looking for “the best red wine in 2017” when you are on the way to see a friend. Chances are you are doing some of these things with just one hand.

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