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What is Web hosting?

Do you Know What is WEB HOSTING?

First let’s start with something that you are most familiar with, a website. How does a website created?
Before a website become accessible through the internet it goes to several processes.
First a web designer will build a website based on what is your requirement. He/ She will use his scripts like HTML, JAVA, CSS, etc. After the web site is build it is still not accessible via internet it is because the website is still stored in the web designer’s computer.
So how can we connect out website to the internet? For the people around the world can access the website.
The next step is to upload your file into a web server which is directly connected to the internet. Once the upload is 100% completed your website is now available in the internet.
And who is providing these servers? They are what we called web hosting provider, they allows any individual to have their website available via World Wide Web.
Now in order for your visitors can visit your website you need a Domain name. What is a Domain name?
The Domain name is referring to be the URL address like, and
In short having a website is like owning a house.
  • ·         You need a web hosting for your space.
  • ·         Web design for the renovation of your house
  • ·         Domain name for your address so your friends and customers will be able to visit.
With these tree main requirements you can now have your own website.