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Tips on Designing Your Very First Website 

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Advantages of Owning Your Domain Name

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Domain Name RegistrationIt all starts here. Your domain is your “legitimate business” certificate – it’s not simply a storefront, it’s an indicator that you’re truly invested in what you’re doing. Your domain is the foundation for your online presence, from which your website, your professional email and your search engine results will grow. Enter your desired domain below, and start your search!

Advantages of Owning Your Domain Name

    • You actually own your domain (
    • No banners or popups
    • More credibility with the search engines
    • You have more control over the look and feel of your website.
    • Multiple branded email addresses (
    • Plenty of web page space for site expansion
    • No worries of site being removed unexpectedly
    • Looks more professional than
    • More flexibility for design and functionality
    • Support is available for problems, technical help, etc.

      Domain Features

      Register domain names with I-Map Websolutions and take advantage of a whole host of free features

      Web Forwarding
      (multiple types)
      yes Unlimited Email Forwarding yes
      Catch-All Email Forwarding yes Domain “For Sale” Page yes
      Easy-to-use Home Page Creator yes Change Name Servers yes
      No Fee For Changing Nominet Tag
      yes Easily Change Domain Contact Information yes
      Heart Internet WebMail yes Transfer Your Domain in & Get All Our Free Services yes
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      Google AdWords yes Manage Everything Online Easily yes
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Web Hosting I-Map Websolutions

Thinking of having a website for free? Think again…

Thinking of having a website for free? Think again…

Hey! What comes to your mind when you heard or read the word “FREE”? Well, obviously it sounds good and it is even pleasant to read for those who want to save and invest their money. It may really be attractive for most of us, that’s why many of us are eluded and persuaded to avail of those products and services tagged for FREE.

Thinking of having a website for free? Think again…You have to be careful enough. Just remember that in our generation, there’s no such thing as “FREE”. Sounds good, yes! But you might fall into disappointment sooner or later. If you think it is an advantage think again, there will always be a disadvantage on grabbing that free service that could totally ruin the business that you have invested for many years.

You should better understand the disadvantages of grabbing “sugar quoted” promotions and advertisement for FREE websites.

Here are some of the disadvantages of the disadvantages:

    • Your visitors may doubt your credibility
    • Limited space for your web pages
    • Can’t add additional features (plugins, shopping carts, forums, chat rooms, etc.)
    • Search engines may not send as much traffic due to lack of trust
    • Ads may be all over your website
    • You are just renting your website. You DO NOT OWN IT.
    • No guarantees of site availability and longevity (because you don’t own it)
    • No branded emails addresses (
    • Poor help and support options (if any)
    • May not be free forever

The thing here is if you really are dead serious about your business you need to invest.  How would people take your business seriously if you could not even invest on a very basic and simple website that carries your business name online? Remember your website is your storefront online. It represents not only your products or services but also you as a businessman.

If you are serious about your business… Invest and have your own website. 

Thinking of having a website for free? Think again…

website_designingThinking of having a website for free? Think again… website_design_package

Web Hosting Tips to Manage your Server: What to do when hosting Fails…

Web Hosting Tips to Manage your Server

Web Hosting Tips to Manage your ServerWhen hosting fails, it can be scary and frustrating–don’t panic. Even the most non tech-savvy person can utilize a few tricks to keep things safe and (somewhat) moving. This is why it’s important to research server hosting options before making a decision. Some offer better customer support than others, some have 24/7 agents available and some have better reputations than others when it comes to failing on a regular basis. However, that doesn’t help someone much when they’re looking at a blank screen. If and when hosting fails, follow these 4 web hosting tips.

1. Keep Email Separated

  • Find a Web Host Provider who provide a shared cloud server so there will be a 100% Downtime Guarantee.Most people have an option of keeping email hosting and web hosting separate–and there’s a good reason to. When the site goes down, email will go down too if both are on the same server. Always have a backup email address and preferably use completely different hosting entities. That way, if the site goes down, at least email will still be functioning. This will make it simple to conduct some business and answer customer inquiries to reassure consumers and users.

2. Have a Different Domain Registrar

  • Just like separating email and web hosting, it’s equally important to have a different domain registrar. A good web hosting company understands the reasoning behind this and will manage a different domain registrar for no additional fees. Having different servers is crucial to keeping at least some parts of a business running no matter what happens. It’s a tiny bit of extra work in the beginning, but well worth it.

3. Check to See if It’s Temporary

  • Most of the time, server failures are temporary and might be caused by an issue on the server end or because a hacker tried to get into the website. If it’s from a hack, the company will notify the website owner. This is for the protection of everyone involved and is often fixed quickly. However, if it’s an internal error on the server’s side, that’s not acceptable. If it happens regularly, switch servers because it costs the website owner in the end–not the server.

4. 24/7 Call Customer Support

  • It should be possible to reach someone 24/7 in case of an emergency. Some sites are most active in the middle of the night, such as websites geared towards customers in Asia, and it’s important to keep things running as smoothly as possible. However, there’s no server that won’t go down at some point–hoping for that is unrealistic. Having solid customer support, on the other hand, should be a requisite.
  • If the site goes down, don’t panic. Make sure servers are diversified and that tech support is already programmed in the smartphone. Everything will be up and running again shortly.

    Web Hosting Tips to Manage your Server

Elements of a Good Website


Elements of a Good Website

Yes! Finally you have decided to go and have a website for your business….but what to do next? You may really be confused on what to do next after deciding to finally have a website. But before really getting hands on with the design and development there are things you need to consider, elements that you want your website to have to make all your effort worthwhile. Here are some of the key elements for your dream website:

Appearance your site should look visually appealing and look professional to your audience just like how you want to look like in person. It should gain positive impression and opinion from your audience. Your website should catch the attention of your visitors so they would have the urge to explore more.

Content together with the visual appearance of your site it should run together with what we call the “bread and butter” or the information you are going to include in your site. The information you put in there should be informative and relevant to your audience.

Functionality – the component of your website should go quickly and correctly in correspondence with the audience concerns, in order for them not to draw back to the other website and let your site left behind. It should function as expected, including hyperlinks, contact forms, site search, activity page, event registration, and so on.

Website Usability the most important and crucial part when determining a good website is its usage. Are the content and reliable and dependable? Could the viewers really get something out of what you have in the website?


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Choosing a Web Host

Things to Consider when choosing a Web Host

Best Web HostingAre you getting ready to launch your new website or wanting to transfer on a new host? Choosing the best web hosting provider may really be difficult and tricky most of the times for the reason that you have so many options to choose from and there are even companies who offer hosting for free. While it’s really tempting to just sign up for free, there are so many things to consider before you go for free or settle for paid hosting. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a hosting provider. Just always keep in mind the word CARESS…

C-ost Money to invest will always be one of the deciding factors when choosing a web host . You should carefully compare packages that each provider offers versus the cost of the package. Be careful on cheap hosting packages that would give you limited bandwidth and storage, even support may be compromised. Always think about value for money.

A-dministrative Function. The owner of the website should have the capacity to control his domain and not letting his web host to be the master of his own website, for he constitutes his own business and make a wise decision if ever he wants to make changes to his website.

R-eport. Having an access to the other server logs and other report activities of the website is important for it can help you recognize as to where the traffic in the social media comes from and you can also determine as to where the web pages is most visited by your audience.

E-mail Capabilities. One of the factors that we do not really pay much attention is the email account. But we do not realize the importance of this bundled with our web hosting account. Having more email accounts means n=more possibilities of your business being reached by customers and potential ones and having our own email address would reflect a more professional look for the business, creating brand for you.

S-peed. Make sure that your website can load abruptly for the reason that our audience may get impatient in waiting to open your website. So that before you have your web hosting plan try to ask first your web host about what is their internet connection is using just to ensure it is high-speed connection.

S-upport. Technical support should be one of the considerations in choosing a web host. Some of the technical support can be direct or person-to-person, by phone or through e-mail request but there are some company who do not offer technical support. It is really essential if you are going to have a web host, it should be part of your criteria before choosing a web host.