5 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host Now

Successful online presence does not only depend solely on your website, your web hosting will play a big role in establishing your business online. You might have the best designed website but if your web hosting fails your efforts will all go to waste.

5 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host Now

5 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host Now

That’s why we have created lists and signs when you need to say bye bye to your current web host and transfer to a better one.

Your website is always down

Your website is very vital for your business specially if your core business is online that’s why ensuring it’s up time is very significant.
You are losing money whenever your site is down. Not only do you lose traffic for your website but you also lose a potential customer that is why a guaranteed uptime should be ensured by your hosting provider. Keeping your website up and running is one vital task that a hosting provider should be performing and if they fail to do so maybe it’s time to look for another one.

Your website takes too long to load

A slow loading page is one of the reasons a potential customer runs out of your website to look for something better. The first 8 second of your visitors is critical for they will decide then if they would stay or not. Nothing would be more annoying than waiting for a web page to load. If you are experiencing problems on slow loading website probably the bandwidth for your website is not enough. This is usually experienced on cheap shared hosting services offering limited bandwidth for your website.

Loading time plays a vital role in conversion and if your hosting company fails to do so your business is in big trouble.

You cannot get in touch with the support

One of the factors in considering transferring host is if you are not getting any help or support from your current hosting provider. Whenever downtimes and problems arise support shall be there and should not be an option that you need to add on your hosting package. During your difficult times only will your hosting provider’s capability be tested. You shall always remember support from your hosting provider is very vital on your online success.

Your website is always being compromised

Security is always our priority when it comes to our website and if your hosting provider cannot give you that think again because your business and all your investment might be in big trouble. You do not want to entrust your business with those guys who cannot protect what is important to you, that’s why if your website is always being compromised it is the perfect time you save what you still have and transfer to a better one.

Promises they could not keep

Many hosting companies today claim that they have unlimited bandwidth, storage etc that they could offer to their customers but most of the times all of these are just sugar coating because once you have availed of their service your face would turn soar because of the bad service they have. Promises should be achieved and should never be broken and if you’re hosting company keeps on promising but never delivers it’s time to transfer hosts.

Find a hosting provider that keeps up with your needs and wants, one who could grow with you and would help you at your most trying times. A Hosting provider should not be the cause of your nightmares but should be the very reason you could sleep tight at night knowing that your website is in good hands.