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Sunsational Web Hosting Deals

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Sunsational Web Hosting Deals

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Sunsational Web Hosting Deals

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Transferring to a New Web Host | What to consider before transferring 

Transferring to a New Web Host

Changing web hosts and transferring your website is one of the most daunting tasks a website owner may experience but with the right preparation and planning transferring would never be a cause of head ache for you.

We have listed important things to consider and you should do before the transfer

 Always back-up your files

Even if you are not thinking yet of transferring your website you should always keep a copy of it. If something bad happens and you lose your files, you would still be able to restore it because you have a back-up of it. If you have not done backing up your files it is the best time to do it. You could copy your files through FTP or you could back-up using your own Cpanel.

 Take hold of the domain Control

Make sure that before you transfer web hosts you have full control of your domain which means that the ownership is under your name so you would not have any problems in the future.  You also need to decide if you would be transferring domain registrars or you would just like to transfer host for your emails and website.

 Scout for new provider

You probably do not want to do the same mistake all over again of picking the wrong web host that’s why it is important that you keep your guard up early. Do not be afraid to ask questions and situations you might encounter with them.

Find a web hosting provider that could give you the best value for your money. Consider the special perks and add ons included on the hosting package. Look for hosting companies with great technical support team. Do not be afraid to compare so you could have options of what hosting company that would best suite your needs.

Prepare and plan

Schedule the time of your transfer. Do it on the day that you think there would be less people to access your website. Have a complete plan and check list of the things you need to transfer, settings to be changed etc.

Pre etiquette move

Once all things are set for the transfer it is just but proper that you inform everyone that you would be transferring your website and there might be a time that they might not be able to access your website. It is just also proper that you inform your current web hosting provider of your transfer especially if your web hosting provider is also the one who registered your domain. You would need to contact them to unlock the domain and give you the epp code so you could transfer it and have the domain registered to another registrant and have the domain pointed to your new hosting provider

Let I-map handle it

Transferring should never be daunting for you if your hosting provider could do it for you. Let I-map assist in you in transferring your files. The technical team will support you until the transfer is finished and your website is up and running again.

  1. Pick a hosting Account that you want to avail.
  2. Give us access on your control panel or you could just send us the files we would need to upload.
  3. One of our technical support team will migrate the files on our servers. We will be notifying you once the migration is done.
  4. You could now test the site with its new home and finally remove your files on your old hosting provider.



Transferring to a New Web Host