5 Tips to Save Money on Tech

The truth is, tech products are expensive.

When you buy a new product, you are often spending a lot more than the device is actually worth.

 Buying tech products doesn’t have to be expensive.


1.Sell your old gadgets

If you’re replacing an existing device, advertise it for sale.

It’s easier than ever to sell online-locally, nationally or worldwide for auctions or offers.

Don’t wait, it won’t be some use to you or your family in the future.


2.Keep the packaging

When your new device arrives, don’t tear everything.

Open all the packaging carefully and keep it and all the manuals and paperwork like new.

When sell it on, a nicely presented item can add huge value to the sale price.


3.Buy Online

Look out for huge discounts from the big online retailers.

Keep an eye on social media and subscribe to their mailing lists and newsletters.

They’ll often time their offers around the festivities, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and others.

Be patient, keep trying and waiting for big discounts. Don’t jump at the first offer you see.


4.Avoid the upgrade madness

Some people have to get new gadget as son as it launches, even well in advance of that, and no matter what the price.

That’s a huge risk as there will bugs and technical problems.

It may have cons appeared before the initial review.  One of the best ways to save money is not to upgrade at all.


5.Wait for the right time

Prices fluctuate through the year.

Christmas is a huge driver of launch dates and waiting into the New Year usually saves a big wedge of cash.

Apple tends to launch iPhones in September and iPads I November and look for patterns in their rivals launch schedules too.

Track price trends through the year and sweet spots will appear.

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