Transferring to a New Web Host | What to consider before transferring 

Transferring to a New Web Host

Changing web hosts and transferring your website is one of the most daunting tasks a website owner may experience but with the right preparation and planning transferring would never be a cause of head ache for you.

We have listed important things to consider and you should do before the transfer

 Always back-up your files

Even if you are not thinking yet of transferring your website you should always keep a copy of it. If something bad happens and you lose your files, you would still be able to restore it because you have a back-up of it. If you have not done backing up your files it is the best time to do it. You could copy your files through FTP or you could back-up using your own Cpanel.

 Take hold of the domain Control

Make sure that before you transfer web hosts you have full control of your domain which means that the ownership is under your name so you would not have any problems in the future.  You also need to decide if you would be transferring domain registrars or you would just like to transfer host for your emails and website.

 Scout for new provider

You probably do not want to do the same mistake all over again of picking the wrong web host that’s why it is important that you keep your guard up early. Do not be afraid to ask questions and situations you might encounter with them.

Find a web hosting provider that could give you the best value for your money. Consider the special perks and add ons included on the hosting package. Look for hosting companies with great technical support team. Do not be afraid to compare so you could have options of what hosting company that would best suite your needs.

Prepare and plan

Schedule the time of your transfer. Do it on the day that you think there would be less people to access your website. Have a complete plan and check list of the things you need to transfer, settings to be changed etc.

Pre etiquette move

Once all things are set for the transfer it is just but proper that you inform everyone that you would be transferring your website and there might be a time that they might not be able to access your website. It is just also proper that you inform your current web hosting provider of your transfer especially if your web hosting provider is also the one who registered your domain. You would need to contact them to unlock the domain and give you the epp code so you could transfer it and have the domain registered to another registrant and have the domain pointed to your new hosting provider

Let I-map handle it

Transferring should never be daunting for you if your hosting provider could do it for you. Let I-map assist in you in transferring your files. The technical team will support you until the transfer is finished and your website is up and running again.

  1. Pick a hosting Account that you want to avail.
  2. Give us access on your control panel or you could just send us the files we would need to upload.
  3. One of our technical support team will migrate the files on our servers. We will be notifying you once the migration is done.
  4. You could now test the site with its new home and finally remove your files on your old hosting provider.



Transferring to a New Web Host

5 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host Now

Successful online presence does not only depend solely on your website, your web hosting will play a big role in establishing your business online. You might have the best designed website but if your web hosting fails your efforts will all go to waste.

5 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host Now

5 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host Now

That’s why we have created lists and signs when you need to say bye bye to your current web host and transfer to a better one.

Your website is always down

Your website is very vital for your business specially if your core business is online that’s why ensuring it’s up time is very significant.
You are losing money whenever your site is down. Not only do you lose traffic for your website but you also lose a potential customer that is why a guaranteed uptime should be ensured by your hosting provider. Keeping your website up and running is one vital task that a hosting provider should be performing and if they fail to do so maybe it’s time to look for another one.

Your website takes too long to load

A slow loading page is one of the reasons a potential customer runs out of your website to look for something better. The first 8 second of your visitors is critical for they will decide then if they would stay or not. Nothing would be more annoying than waiting for a web page to load. If you are experiencing problems on slow loading website probably the bandwidth for your website is not enough. This is usually experienced on cheap shared hosting services offering limited bandwidth for your website.

Loading time plays a vital role in conversion and if your hosting company fails to do so your business is in big trouble.

You cannot get in touch with the support

One of the factors in considering transferring host is if you are not getting any help or support from your current hosting provider. Whenever downtimes and problems arise support shall be there and should not be an option that you need to add on your hosting package. During your difficult times only will your hosting provider’s capability be tested. You shall always remember support from your hosting provider is very vital on your online success.

Your website is always being compromised

Security is always our priority when it comes to our website and if your hosting provider cannot give you that think again because your business and all your investment might be in big trouble. You do not want to entrust your business with those guys who cannot protect what is important to you, that’s why if your website is always being compromised it is the perfect time you save what you still have and transfer to a better one.

Promises they could not keep

Many hosting companies today claim that they have unlimited bandwidth, storage etc that they could offer to their customers but most of the times all of these are just sugar coating because once you have availed of their service your face would turn soar because of the bad service they have. Promises should be achieved and should never be broken and if you’re hosting company keeps on promising but never delivers it’s time to transfer hosts.

Find a hosting provider that keeps up with your needs and wants, one who could grow with you and would help you at your most trying times. A Hosting provider should not be the cause of your nightmares but should be the very reason you could sleep tight at night knowing that your website is in good hands.

Convert your Website Visitors to Customers

Convert your website visitors to Customers

Convert your Website Visitors to Customers

For many years businesses have been caught by the magic of optimizing website may it be organic or paid. Their entire goal is to be on top of the search engine rankings so people would notice them and click on their website. But have you ever thought how many of those who click your website do really convert to real clients and loyal customers?

The main goal here is to convert those visitors into customers and clients of your business, having the top rank on search engines is not enough conversion is what matters most. You do not want all your investments for your website go to waste…

Make it crystal clear

What do you want people to do when they visit your site? Buy my item or Hire me should be on top of your list. Next up is to engage them to connect with you sign in their email accounts for free updates and trials, a clear call to action which brings then closer to buying or hiring you.

Do not be afraid to ask for emails since it’s really your goal to connect and have them buy your products and services.

Say It like you mean it

Have you ever wonder what would be the first impression of people once they click on your site? What does your website say about your business? Does it make you look amateurish or professional?
Make it a point that once the visitors got in to your site they would instantly have a clue what you are offering and that you mean business that’s why they could trust you. Do not give them a hard time figuring out what you are really offering and what your business is all about.

Offer convenience

Make it easy for your visitors to find and buy the products or services they want. Explain to them what your products and services are all about how they could avail and different payment options you offer. Guide them on how to do it because you would not expect first time visitors to know exactly how to navigate your site and how they would finish ordering.
Imagine yourself as a first time visitor of your site. What would you want to explore and do first?

Use testimonials

Even if some people think that testimonials are not that credible enough to say that a company or a business is really good admit it or not we still get curious on what others would say about a specific brand, product or company. Testimonials tickle the mind of your website visitors it brings curiosity; a feeling that pushes them to buy or avail your products or services.

Offer something for free

It may be hard to admit but not all visitors of your site will really be buying or availing your product or service but still, use this opportunity to be connected with them. Offer free trials, demo or even free discount coupons on their first checkout. Make them remember you so when they are ready to buy you will be their first option to shop on to.

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What Does your Website Say About You

What Does your Website Say About YouWhat does your website say about you?

Any business today needs a website but having one is just not enough. Just imagine how your customers reach you and your businesses; they search online and visit your website. At first glance customers may decide if they would do business with you or not, on what basis? Your website…

A website serves as a store front for your business but most of us do not realize this fact. Most of the companies today think that having a website whatever the design and functionality is just okay. Have you ever think of what your website says about your company?

BRANDYou’re Brand

Admit it or not we can’t help but judge a person base on his or her appearance. We make up an impression even without talking with that person same as how a customer judges a business. Since your website is the first thing that customers will look unto the web it needs to look professional. It should deliver what you are as a business and how you do business. Your website reflects your brand, your culture and what you believe in. Sloppy websites would lose you customers. If you can’t even invest on a good website how would people take you seriously?


Since people could not touch and view your products or services on hand they would look for evidences that you are dependable and credible enough to entrust their money to. Your website should not just showcase what you can offer and do but should also showcase the past projects or reviews from your past clients. This would build and establish your credibility online.


Beyond the design and physical attribute of your website it should also serve its purpose to cater the needs of your customers. Make sure that people who view your site could easily find what they are looking for. No matter how good looking your site is if people could not find what they need they will just leave and would never come back again.

Having a good website is not just a chance it is a decision, a goal that every business owners should have. A good website would not just help you land customers but would set you apart from competition, creating brand credibility.

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Entrust your partner to I-map. We protect what is important to you

Reasons Why Web Maintenance is Important

Why Web Maintenance is Important by I-Map WebsolutionsReasons why web maintenance is important

People think that once they have put up a website for their business all they have to do is sit and relax, wait until the website would pay back everything that they invested not realizing that the true battle just starts when the website is finally present on the web. The challenge here is how to get the customers engaged and keep them after your business online. How?  By having great and updated content.

Take care of your website

One of the most important but overlooked factor in a website strategy is –maintenance. Yes it is important you have a good looking website pleasing to the viewers’ eyes but this would all go to waste if all the information is no longer relevant and helpful, this is where maintenance comes into the picture.

Here are some of the reasons why you need regular maintenance for your website

Websites are intended to be dynamic and never static

As what the popular saying goes nothing is permanent in this world but change so as your website could not be forever applicable to the changing needs and wants of your customers. Stay updated. Make every effort to stay upbeat with the latest trends on the internet.

Keep them coming back

One of the reasons why people patronize a brand or a service because they have found what they are looking for on those brands same as on any website. People keep coming back to a certain website if they feel that it would be a great help for them. Updated and relevant content builds trust. 

Top the charts

Content is still king when it comes to SEO Rankings. Search engines loves fresh and updated contents. Quality content is what Search engines are up to that’s why if you offer unique and fresh ideas search engines will rank your website higher.

What’s new to offer

Your website is your storefront online and if you are offering products and services you need to keep your list updated. Using your website you could easily tell the world what’s new with your company and what have you been up to with minimal or no cost at all. Maximize the opportunity to make your products and services known.

Keep in tip top shape

Same as machines and other appliances our website needs maintenance to ensure that everything in it still working fine to ensure the quality of customer experience that you want to offer. You do not want your visitors get irritated and bored using your website because of the slow loading pages and pictures and irrelevant information posted.

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Rules in Choosing a Domain Name for your Website

Rules in Choosing a Domain Registration for your Website

A good website starts with a good domain name. Your domain serves as your business certificate online, the foundation of your online presence. People will know and find you online through your domain name that’s why it is so important that you take time in choosing the right one for your business.


Keep it short

Less is more. Shorter domain names would be easier to remember


Keep it one step ahead of your competitors. Do not be afraid to experiment on new and unique words for your domain name.

Domain name extensions

Choose the top level domain name extension .com for your domain because people are more familiar with a .com domain extension.


Make sure to have a couple of domain names to choose from so you would not have a hard time if ever your first choice is not available anymore. You could use plenty of tools to check the availability of the domain name of your dreams from Domain name tools, NameStation Domainr etc.


We could also help you out find and register the domain name of your dreams find out how 

Rules in Choosing a Domain Name for your Website

Guidelines on setting up your own Online Store

Setting up Online Store @ I-Map Websolutions, IncE-commerce has been a trend for quite some time now and many from the small business sector jumped on the hype of online selling. You may probably be also interested on having one because of some great success stories online.

Let this guidelines help you out start your own business online


The first step before anything becomes concrete and functional is planning but most of us miss this important step. Sometimes we get so excited about the idea that we skip on preparing the things that we may be needing this is also the same when we are putting up an online business. Concretize your ideas. Finalize what products or services you will be catering to your customer. Think about your competition, what would be your edge against them and what channels you could use to promote. First things first PLAN.

Pick the domain name of your choice

Once you have planned on what you want your e-commerce business to be it’s now time to pick and register a domain name for your business. Consider what domain name you want before having it registered. Remember that once you have registered it you can no longer have it replaced. You could make a check list of possible options for your domain name if ever the first choice would not be available there are still other choices you could choose from.

Choose the Right E-commerce Solutions

Most of the development companies today offer web development and web hosting as a bundled package so you do not have to worry on picking separate providers for dev and hosting. Choosing a professional company for your e-commerce business would be the best option especially if you really have no idea on the technical side of creating a website. They would help you decide what e-commerce platform would be best for your needs and what hosting package fits a certain platform. Do not be afraid to seek professional help. Entrust your website to reliable men.

Get involve

Even if you have sought professional help do not forget that it is your business in the first place and you should still be in control of it. Ask for trainings on how to manage your website, most companies now offer free trainings to let the business owners have freedom on managing their website. Learn the inside and out of your online business, love it, own it.

Spread the Word

Establishing your own online store does not stop when the website is finished the truth is, it is just the beginning. Most of the online business today underestimates the power of early stage marketing that’s why they end up not maximizing the full potential of the website they have.

No one will know that your business exists unless you tell them. Spread the word as early as possible. Make use of the free tools you could use for your online business such as social media you could also invest on pay per click ads to gain instant traffic for your website but if you would want a longer lasting effect for your business you will need to invest on organic keywords or SEO.

Website Design Tips

Tips on Designing Your Very First Website 

Read more

Advantages of Owning Your Domain Name

Domain Name Registration from P799.00/year*

Domain Name RegistrationIt all starts here. Your domain is your “legitimate business” certificate – it’s not simply a storefront, it’s an indicator that you’re truly invested in what you’re doing. Your domain is the foundation for your online presence, from which your website, your professional email and your search engine results will grow. Enter your desired domain below, and start your search!

Advantages of Owning Your Domain Name

    • You actually own your domain (
    • No banners or popups
    • More credibility with the search engines
    • You have more control over the look and feel of your website.
    • Multiple branded email addresses (
    • Plenty of web page space for site expansion
    • No worries of site being removed unexpectedly
    • Looks more professional than
    • More flexibility for design and functionality
    • Support is available for problems, technical help, etc.

      Domain Features

      Register domain names with I-Map Websolutions and take advantage of a whole host of free features

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