Website Design Tips

Tips on Designing Your Very First Website 

Website Design Tips - I-Map WebsolutionsDesigning your very first website may be confusing and sometimes frustrating, especially for those who do not have a professional background in designing and developing a website. Sometimes you have so many ideas on how you want your website to look but all of these thoughts are so disorganized that you do not know where to start.

The good news is, you still have hope on how you could get starting. Let this guidelines get you going and enable you to build your very own website: 

Make It Simple

You do not need much of those flashy animations, sounds and moving texts, all you need is a great content partnered with the right images that translates the message you want to tell your visitors.

Maximize Images

Make sure that the size of the images you will be uploading on the website is small that it would load seamlessly. Slow loading page annoys visitors and would keep them away from your website. Honestly who really likes waiting right?

Content is King

Make all the information relevant and helpful. People go back to a certain place because it has embedded

Color Scheme

Work on mild colors for your web page. Avoid using colors that are distracting would fight against the color of your fonts. You could use blue, green, beige or other light colors.

Font Styles

Choose a font that would be easy for the eyes to read. The following fonts works well on websites: Calibri, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica and Georgia.


People do not like to scroll down lengthy pages. Limit your pages unto one page scroll. Make the information compact that you do not need too many pages for all o f the information you want to share. Make use of Collapsible pages to prevent using another page for related information.


Make your contacts accessible on every page of the website. Make it easier for people to contact and reach you besides that’s the very goal of your website; so people could find you.

Website Design Tips

Follow all these tips and you would not have a hard time designing your website even on your own.

Website Design Tips