Website Maintenance

I-Map Websolutions’ website maintenance services make free you and your staff to concentrate on your core organizational activities while your site is maintained and monitored by professionals. The text and graphics in your website is updated quickly so website visitors are always viewing the most accurate information about your organization and activities. Website maintenance includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep you up to date

Websites are not intended to be static. The value of a website is the ability to maintain current information online at a reasonable cost. We assume that you will wish to revise some or all of your web pages over time, as well as adding web pages according to your organizational needs. To assist you in maintaining current information online, I-Map offers several options for your website maintenance.

Since your organization is not stagnant, it is important that your website reflects the activities of your organization. Maintenance contract can be monthly, quarterly or annual. A plan can be custom made to suit your needs. Typically maintenance covers the following activities:

 Making regular changes to your website within the existing content structure.
 Developing new functionality / adding new sections.
 Highlighting different services / events on a rotating basis.
 Detailed tracking of user behavior / viewer profiling.
 Modification / improvements to existing contents / graphics on results of customer tracking.

We understand the importance of timely availability of information. In addition to the scheduled updations / maintenance work, as a special offer, we offer to effect any urgent changes in the existing sections at no extra cost, even when at a short notice.