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One click activation

StopTheHacker is a fully hosted service that can be activated in seconds from your hosting control panel. You don’t need to add code to your website or worry about installing and managing software, so StopTheHacker has no impact on your site’s speed. Once activated, StopTheHacker scans your website daily for thousands of virus and malware threats, automatically notifying you via email if there’s anything suspicious.

stop-the-hacker-full-controlFull control

View your website security and reports at a glance and configure your alert settings with your intuitive StopTheHacker dashboard. It includes graphs and stats for your own use or for you to share with customers if you manage their websites.

stop-the-hacker-scanning-reports_140x140In-depth scanning & analysis

You’ll automatically be alerted to any malware found during a scan and given the option of restoring your website back to a clean version or receiving a detailed report designed to help you clean any infection. In addition to checking HTML files on a daily basis, StopTheHacker also scans your .htaccess, CSS, and any PDFs and SWF adverts for threats.


Blacklisting checks

StopTheHacker compares your site to a wide range of spam, malware, DNS, and search engine blacklists to ensure you haven’t been banned or blocked. It’s a great way to ensure your traffic isn’t impacted and your reputation remains safe.

stop-the-hacker-artificial-intelligence_140x140Artificial intelligence engine

StopTheHacker features an advanced AI engine which detects new malware that’s never been seen before. Most solutions catch known malware and viruses already identified in signature databases; unfortunately, hackers also know these databases. As modern web technologies allow hackers to generate dynamic malware, more advanced methods like StopTheHacker’s intelligence engine are needed.

stopthehacker best choice

Typical anti-virus (AV) software is slow to identify new threats, and this delay allows malicious content to stay undetected for longer. AV engines tend to only focus on analysing traditional malware such as .exe, .msi, and .scr files. This analysis is completely different to analysing malware written in dynamic languages like PHP, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript and so on.

StopTheHacker profiles web-malware code to understand features of a piece of code, including how many arrays and variables are used, how they are used, who is using them and how frequently. All these factors provide tell-tale signs of whether this is legitimate usage or malware-like behaviour.